2010 3CR Calendar: Seeds of Dissent

A Sampler for Modern Times 2010


Face Up ToThe Future! 3CR’s fifth Seeds Of Dissent Calendar looks ahead to imagine a future we want to live in, while also celebrating Australia’s radical history. 3CR asked 12 artists who are part of Australian activist culture to contribute an artwork that reflects their idea of the future. Some artists have created images that imagine the ideal future and some have chosen to depict issues we need to address today in order to achieve it.

Australian history re-envisioned with a cheeky female bushranger, uranium mining and the need to recognise the interdependence of ecology, the tyrannical expectations of female beauty, the return of tumbling as a form of transportation (!), Indigenous people at the heart of popular culture… these are the some of the issues explored by artists such as Arlene Texta Queen, Deborah Kelly, Bindi Cole, Adam Hill, Jacqui Brown, Tom O’Hern, Mitch, Jo Waite, Rayna Fahey, Tom Civil, Mickie Quick, Lachlan Conn and Paul J Kalemba.

3CR Calendar 2010 Cover

3CR Calendar 2010 Cover


This work also appeared in ‘It’s Never Too Late to Mend’, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, 2012.