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For crafty types who don’t dig rose scented doilies.

Celebrating all that is irreverent, ironic, kitschy, delightfully offensive and lovingly made by hand.

The Craft Cartel Podcast was produced from 2008 until 2009 and consisted of ten episodes of interviews, music and ideas.

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Episode One – 08.03.17
featuring Melanie from Satchel, music, notices and more.

Episode Two – 08.03.31
featuring Kirsteene from Scrumptious Productions, the politics of hand made, music, zine review, notices and more.

Episode Three – 08.04.15
featuring craftivism, Cate from Polka Dot Rabbit, music, zine reviews and more.

Episode Four – 08.06.02
Episode four featuring road trip indigenous craft adventures, Sharna from Skateistan, music, websites and more.

Episode Five – 08.07.08
featuring an interview with craftivist Zoe Thompson-Moore, zine review, music, new projects and more.

Episode Six – 08.08.13
featuring on the return of Casey, out on the streets with the Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle, zine review, music, new projects and more.

Episode Seven – 08.09.23
The craft cartel broadcasts a live recording of ‘The Revolution is Handmade’ featuring Dr Joyce Stalker talking about fabric crafts and social justice.

Episode Eight – 09.02.15
An interview with Betsy Greer from about her new book ‘Knitting for Good’

Episode Nine – 09.03.25
Join the Craft Cartel as we interview Faythe Levine about her new documentary ‘Handmade Nation’. Plus zine reviews, events, music and more

Episode Ten – 10.04.29
Join the Craft Cartel as we discover the delights that can be found amongst the world of Creative Commons music and why crafters should be embracing this world..