Craftwerk 2.0




Craftwerk 2.0: New Household Tactics for the Popular Crafts
Jönköpings läns museum, Jönköpings, Sweden.


Over the last decade there has been a surge in crafts among young practitioners, often combined with political aspirations and networked efforts over the internet. From being a personal hobby the textile crafts have gone public and methods, techniques and tools are shared among users in ways similar to what we have seen in internet phenomena like Facebook and Wikipedia.

Craftwerk 2.0 explores the new “updated” textile crafts that are developed by a new generation of serious amateurs, innovative craftsmen, engaged entrepreneurs and political practitioners. Once again the home is the workshop where economic and ecologic innovation happens – not only in the labs of the industrial expertise. After decades of outsourcing, the new modes of production are in the hands of the layperson.


Image: Oh Sorry, was that your land? Wool and cotton, Rayna Fahey, 2010.